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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

One Year After The Election, We Still Wanna Die

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election victory and despite the encouraging gains made by Democrats the other night in down-ballot races, particularly in Virginia, filthy liberals like me are still, uh, not exactly soothed to have a ignorant bag of Velveeta in charge of things. Is it really possible to get used to living in Trump’s America? That, amigos, is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

But oh! Oh, there is more indeed. Giri Nathan joins Marchman and I to yak about hot chicken, the Knicks, Papa John, AND we answer your very fun Funbag questions about home improvement, injuries, greeting cards, and more. Also, we’re gonna do a very special Thanksgiving Deadcast soon, so please send in any Turkey Day questions or complaints you got.


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Drew Magary is a Deadspin columnist and columnist for GEN magazine. You can buy Drew's second novel, The Hike, through here.

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