Trevor Robinson is a center for the San Diego Chargers. And if these are actually his online dating chat logs, he is a man who likes things nailed down before he enters into any transaction. [Update: see Robinson's tweet, below.]

We received these screengrabs from someone who said that his sister, who lives near Boston, met someone claiming to be Robinson on dating site PlentyOfFish. That person led off by boasting that he played professional football and knew Rob Gronkowski:

After a little bit of talking, the two moved to Skype. The person claiming to be Robinson was direct about what he wanted: a Boston sidepiece, essentially. And he was willing to make it worth her while, too:

There was a caveat, however. The two had to Skype with video. Robinson wanted to check out what he was buying before he invested:

The two just couldn't come to terms on an audition. They departed somewhat amicably, but the woman left her number in case the person claiming to Robinson decided, in the future, to try a little old-fashioned romance.

Our source says his sister did videochat with her suitor on Skype, and then looked Robinson up online and confirmed it was the same person. The man's PlentyOfFish profile has many personal-looking photos of Robinson. So, this is either NFL lineman Trevor Robinson, or someone quite dedicated to impersonating NFL lineman Trevor Robinson.

Update: Robinson shares this, and we are super confused.