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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Of all the comments in the wake of the Jason Kidd trade that was, oddly, blocked by Devean George of all people, our favorite might have been in the live blog of the Mavs' game against the Blazers:

Devean George went scoreless in the first half, missing six shots from the floor (three 3-pointes) and a pair of free throws. He did contribute a couple assists and a steal to the Mavs' cause. Maybe George is trying to prove to the Mavs' brass that he can shoot like Jason Kidd.


Pretty much. Far be it from us to tell Mark Cuban how to do his job — oh, crap: Did we just do something unethical by mentioning his name in a place other than GQ magazine? We hope not — but if this deal is unable to be reconstructed, we think this might ultimately be for the best. And not just because it's a big pain in the ass to transfer a spousal restraining order from New Jersey to Texas.

Who Needs Kidd When You Have George? []

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