Only One Week Left In The Brett Favre Saga

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Have mercy, the most annoying story in sports will soon be at end! Unless it doesn't end. Which it won't. Because everything Brett Favre does is special and important and you will never be free of his all-seeing ethereal form.

First of all, remember all that nonsense about will he/won't he have surgery to repair whatever is wrong with his silky, golden arm? Yeah, he already had the surgery a month ago. (So many lies.) But Minnesota, the team he has been teasing for so long, says they love all the attention he is garnering them, but he really does need to make up his mind this week. You know, because of the whole "practice" thing.


But that's so much pressure! He can't make a decision that big in the normal time frame that the rest of the football world follows. He's not like other people!

By the way, Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen are all over this, so don't even try to play it off like its just another diversion that occupies everyone's time and ends up not amounting to anything. This is it, folks. We have reached End Game. Only three more months of breaking news about what went wrong/right with Brett's latest comeback/retirement. I'm giddy.


In other news, do you remember this quote from when Brett was officially released by the Jets?

"Nothing has changed. At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football."


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