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Of all the discussions and analysis of the foul-or-not-a-foul that probably cost the Spurs the Western Conference Finals last night, the one thing we can't get our minds around: Brent Barry was taking the last shot? Brent Barry? The guy who ruined the dunk contest? That Brent Barry? Well, jeez, no wonder he didn't get the call! Who in the world would give Brent Barry a call?


We've found that the people least upset about the call are those associated with the Spurs. Gregg Popovich was cool with it, and even the Spurs bloggers are Zen about the whole thing.

Please don't Spurs fans. Just don't. Yes, it was an obvious foul on Derek Fisher. Yes, it should have been two free throws. But, but, but:

1. Derek Fisher's shot with 5 seconds left, the one that hit the Corpse of Robert Horry's knee and went out of bounds, grazed the rim. The shot clock should have been reset, forcing the Spurs to foul. This would have changed everything.

2. The goal tend call on Lamar Odom with under a minute left was incorrect. It looked correct at game speed, but the replace clearly showed he got the ball before it hit the rim. This would have changed everything.

3. Kobe Bryant shot the ball 29 times. He took 0 free throws.

Complaining about free throws is just grasping at straws, like a vanquished foe begging for their life. It's unbecoming.


This is probably the Spurs' last run at all this ... oh, who are we kidding? They'll be back in the conference finals every year until Duncan's son is running the point.

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