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Opening Day Television Snafus

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So, opening day! You took the day off of work so you could stay home and take in all the first-day action. First up, Mets-Nationals ... "Baseball Tonight" is ending, so here we go! ... ESPN News? What?

Sorry. You picked a bad day to live on the East Coast. The game is blacked out in New York City surrounding areas. Oh well: At least you can watch the game on Sportsnet New York, the new Mets cable station. Hey, wait ... your local cable provider doesn't get it. Well, you're out of luck, unless you can find a sports bar that has the feed. So you drive to your sports bar and ...


... well, SNY is having some first day troubles, because they're playing a Mets-Cubs game from 1986. (Unless of course Dwight Gooden is getting a brief furlough before prison. Hey, look, it's Rafael Palmeiro on the Cubs. He still had the mustache.)

SNY has now put the game back on ... but with the audio provided from two apparent interns in the studio. Opening Day! It's great!

(UPDATE: All kinds of anger about this at Metsblog)

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