Opposing Team Pays Terrell Owens To Play Road Game, Promptly Knocks Him Over The Wall

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Terrell Owens's contract with the Allen Wranglers stipulates he only has to play home games, but he's let it be known he can be enticed to hop on the metaphorical bus with the rest of his team if the opposition agrees to pay him separately. It appears that's what happened today, as T.O. took to the road in facing the New Mexico Stars.

So what did first-class airfare, hotel, and an estimated $10-20k in cash buy New Mexico? A 45-28 loss, in which T.O. made five catches for 50 yards and a touchdown. The Stars did deliver the above hit on Terrell Owens, which I'm sure made the estimated crowd of 6,000 roar with approval.

h/t to Ben