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Oregon assistant basketball coach Brian Fish and athletic trainer Clay Jamieson were reportedly spit on by an Arizona State student after the Ducks' loss to the Sun Devils Saturday night, prompting the Oregon basketball staff to call out Arizona State's unique court layout.

According to Fish, as the team walked on the ramp towards the locker room, students were spitting, aiming for Ducks player Joseph Young. Instead, Fish and Jamieson were hit. Fish claimed that something similar happened at halftime, too.


The court in Wells Fargo Arena is set up so that the ramp leading to the locker room goes between two sections of students, and those students, like all college students, can sometimes be dicks. It's the only stadium like that in the Pac-12 conference, something Oregon head coach Dana Altman pointed out negatively, calling it a "security issue." If the Sun Devils won't change their layout, the Ducks want more security present to handle the student sections should anything goes wrong.

Fish doesn't want the student to face any serious punishment, but does want the spitter to recognize his actions. From the Oregonian:

"I didn't want any charges, just for him to be scared (witless)," Fish said. "We all deserve second chances, he's a college kid. But that was completely uncalled for."

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