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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Oregon State Basketball Safe In Barcelona, Coach Wayne Tinkle Describes "Horrific Sights" Of Terror Attack

From the lobby of their Barcelona hotel, the Oregon State men’s basketball team witnessed what athletic director Scott Barnes described as the “horrific carnage” of today’s terror attack. All players and members of the coaching staff are safe.


The team is currently in Barcelona as part of a 13-day European trip, as noted by the Oregonian. A decision has not been made on whether they will return home early after today’s attack, which left at least 13 dead and 100 injured after a van driver rammed into a crowd on popular tourist promenade Las Ramblas.

Coach Wayne Tinkle confirmed the team’s safety in a short video, saying that they were having a pre-game meal in their hotel overlooking Las Ramblas when the attack began. “People, mad scramble, car—van driving through, literally looking out of our window,” he said, visibly somewhat shaken. “We won’t show you pictures, but some horrific sights, several fatalities within eyesight of our hotel room.” 


Strength and conditioning coach Jeff Macy also shared a brief message about his experience of the attack, saying that the area around the team hotel was under lockdown that would keep him separated from his wife tonight.

Several other college teams are currently doing summer tours of Europe—including Arizona, Clemson, Tulane and Grand Canyon, all of which were also in or around Barcelona today. All four programs have confirmed the safety of their parties.

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