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Oregon's Mascot Got A Lil' Freaky Last Night

Illustration for article titled Oregons Mascot Got A Lil Freaky Last Night

This is Puddles, the cuddly mascot of the Oregon Ducks, getting kinda nasty and baring its, uh, breasts(?) for some fans at last night's national championship game.

The picture above comes to us from @GioAndJones, two CBS sports radio hosts who were at the game last night, and for whatever reason decided to start throwing money at Puddles.


Unfortunately, there was one person sitting nearby who didn't take too kindly to seeing Puddles' soft, milky white duckflesh pressed so alluringly against the glass partition. Angry Dr. Pepper Man had no patience for such filth:

I don't know, man, football games are weird.

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