Oregon's Stolen Projector: The Real Victim

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Jeremiah Masoli admitted to stealing a projector, among other things, from an Oregon frat house. But the media has criminally under-reported that aspect of the theft. We have learned exclusively that the frat was really enjoying that projector.

It started with tip from commenter "alex.purchase." Like our very own Deep Throat, he cryptically pointed us toward an Amazon.com product page, and a name. That was all we had to go on.


The name led to an article in Oregon's student paper, published before charges were ever brought and printing the victim's name became verboten. A Max Wolfard claimed to be a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother, and that he had been burgled by two Ducks football players. The haul: two laptops, a guitar, and a projector.


But what did that have to do with a product review for a "70INX70IN Model B Manual Screen Wall/ceiling Matte White?" After some in-depth research, we were able to determine that the product in question was a screen, often used in conjunction with a projector. It was all starting to come together now. All we needed was a keystone, that one piece of evidence that would tie everything together.

We found it in the review by one "Maxwell Wolfard, College Student, Eugene Oregon."

So now Deadspin can exclusively report that as of September 12, 2009,

[Wolfard had] been using it for about a week now and haven't had nor foresee any problems. It was very easy to mount on the ceiling and easy to operate.


Tragedies like a stolen projector are easy to write off. "That could never happen to me." "The projector as asking for it." "It's just a stupid projector, you retard."

But when you put a human face on the crime, it's clear that Masoli and Embry committed a crime not only against a property owner, but against human decency.