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The Baltimore Sun has gotten a hold of the 40-page Congressional report on Rafael Palmeiro, and it's full of all kinds of goodness.

First off, apparently Orioles players were passing around B-12 shots like they were amphetamines. Wait ... they were passing around amphetamines! (Or "greenies." We think that's an aggressively dumb name for amphetamines, by the way.) A player was asked how many players currently on the field were on amphetamines; he said "eight." We suddenly understand Luis Matos' season.

Also, it turns out that urine tests for steroids are notoriously unsupervised, with some players having as much as two hours between the time they were informed of the test and the time they actually took it, more than enough time for screening agents. Which just makes us think Rafael Palmeiro is even dumber than we had suspected.

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