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The Major League Baseball draft is next Tuesday and Wednesday, and, as anybody knows, it's the most boring draft of all the professional sports. (And if you sat through any of the NFL Draft beyond the first 10 picks last year, you'll realize what a strong statement that is.) So you end up looking for any storyline you can find to write about. And the Washington Post has dug up a good one: The possibility that the Orioles could end up drafting Jeffrey Meier, the child fan who grabbed the famous fly ball in the 1993 1996 ALCS. The team is legitimately considering it.

"I wouldn't be at all opposed to [drafting Maier]. In fact, I'd say it's a very interesting development," [Orioles owner Peter] Angelos said. "You can say the Orioles are very seriously considering him. I know this much: I was at that game, and he certainly did seem to be a heck of an outfielder. Sure, we'd take him. In fact, I like the idea more and more, the more I think about it."


We think it would be a uniquely baseball story if Meier end up playing for the Orioles, but we can equally imagine him being drafted by the Yankees and going on to a Hall of Fame career, torturing every Baltimore fan throughout eternity. That might be fun to see.

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