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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Orioles Fan Overestimates His Five Tool Abilities

Quick poll question: When a guy runs on the field during a baseball game, do you root for the dude or security? Or do you just root for blood? Keep in mind, you're at an Orioles game.

This wise young fella was apparently dared—to the tune of $1,000—to run from the third base foul pole to the Southwest sign in centerfield and back before the cops could reach him. This leads to the question ... what's the going rate for a disturbing the peace charge and a night in jail? I think a good lawyer will cost you at least two grand, so there's your profit margin right there.

If you need more evidence, there's a couple of extra views on YouTube, including one that claims this rube is an elementary school teacher. Say no to drugs, kids!


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Stay tuned for the Late Show with Barry P. This week will end some time. It has to, right?

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