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Orlando Hudson And His Two Hankies

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We've been awfully busy the last couple of weeks, and we finally sat down and caught ourselves up on the last couple of issues of Sports Illustrated, a.k.a. "Keeping The Print World Safe From Web Gunslingers." It didn't take very long; SI's awfully thin these days, as if magazine advertising dollars are being shifted online or something. Anyway.

We had two thoughts. First, you are all officially implored to read Gary Smith's feature on broadcaster Max Kellerman and the murder of his brother Sam by boxer James Butler. That's pretty much it for serious reads, so our second point comes from a quote from Diamondbacks shortstop Orlando Hudson, who was asked, in another example of the SI ethical, upstanding and intellectual standards that separate them from the beasts, "Your favorite off-day activity?" Hudson replied:

"I'll wash a few clothes, get that out of the way. I like a movie. I'll watch a scary movie, then come back, watch Lifetime [TV Network] and chill."


Hudson failed to add," See, yo, first I grab me some 'Nanny,' working in a little 'Golden Girls,' the old standby. Then it's Tuesday, and you know what time that is! You're in Meredith Baxter-Birney country. That man's cheatin' on you, dawg! Don't just sit there and take it!"

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