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Orlando Magic Swear This Accidentally Leaked List Isn't Their Offseason Plans

Yesterday, the agent for guard Patricio Garino tweeted out a photo of his client signing a contract with the Orlando Magic. One lil problem: the contract was signed, and the photo taken, in front of a white board apparently showing a bunch of potential free agents and trade targets.

That tweet was deleted, but of course it was screengrabbed. Let’s ENHANCE:


The players are listed under four headers: Hybrid Trade (meaning multi-positional players potentially available in trades), Hybrid Free Agency, Spread Bigs Trade (meaning big men with a jumper), and, presumably, the corresponding Spread Bigs Free Agency.

If you’d like to view the lists without ruining your eyes, Reddit user pickprotection has compiled them.

Just about every applicable player in the NBA seems to be listed here, so it’s hard to read too much into it. But the obviously intriguing note is the 76ers’ Dario Saric, the presumptive rookie of the year, listed with the notation “(For AG?)”, which would seem to refer to Magic forward Aaron Gordon.

Orlando GM Rob Hennigan—whose job is apparently in dangertold the Orlando Sentinel that the lists are “not indicative of plans” and were “simply listing options, including some of which other teams have inquired about.”


Still, this is fun fodder for speculation, and does raise at least a few questions, like: Why would the Magic have Garino sign his deal in the room with the offseason options? Are there no other rooms in the building? Was this done on purpose, to throw other GMs off the real trail? Are the Magic that crafty? They’re not, right?

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