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OSU Students Wallow In Their Own Urine

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•Today sees the Mirror Lake Jump, an Ohio State tradition for Michigan Week. Some science students tested the lake before and after the student body had its way, and found a temperature and ammonia spike. That's right, lots of warm pee. "Have fun, but don't open your mouth" said one postdoc. That's also really good advice for any party at a Big Ten school.

•Jim Tracy and Mike Scioscia win the Manager Of The Year awards for making playoff appearances with, respectively, a scrappy band of kids who no one expected to do anything, and a high-payroll group of veterans and free agents who were predicted to win their division going away. Huh.


•Ronnie Brown is done for the year with a foot fracture, and this is bad. How bad? Ricky Williams is the undisputed number one back. And even worse, Chad Henne has to take the snap on every play.

•Speaking of criminally ineffective quarterbacks, Bruce Gradkowski and Ryan Fitzpatrick have taken over the starting jobs for the Raiders and Bills. Not to twist the knife, but 15 years ago a Raiders/Bills matchup would have featured Jeff Hostetler and Jim Kelly. But, like I said, not to twist the knife.

•As of this moment, the Yankees have won as many games in November than the Giants, Jets, Knicks and Nets combined. That won't be the case next year, though. Not because any of those teams will be better, but because Bud Selig says he'll shorten the playoff schedule.


We're just a few hours away from the announcement of one of the Cardinals winning the Cy Young award, Leitch Twittering about how happy he is for them, and Craggs writing a column on why Lincecum should have won. Like the changing of the seasons, those guys.

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