Most of the shit-talk comes at the expense of Raymond, who runs the team’s penalty-killing this season, and who ran the team’s power-play last year. Duchene, sitting in the second row on the passenger side, goes in on Raymond pretty hard: “Marty Raymond, the only coach in NHL history to have the worst power play and the worst PK within a calendar year of each other.” This opens a conversation, mostly between Duchene and Wideman, about how Raymond’s video meetings are worthless, and include nothing more than Raymond describing the action in the video, without illuminating anything or changing anything. Duchene goes so far as to say that he hasn’t bothered to pay attention during those meetings “in three weeks.” Not an admission you want on video!

Even without the merciless shredding of their own team and assistant coach, the video is fun for such kernels of shop-talk as Duchene saying “I boomeranged my twiggy into the glass,” and teammates imploring DeMelo to make some sort of play while sliding on his head, but if possible without getting hit in the face. This much is sure: the next video session headed by Martin Raymond is going to be uncomfortable as shit.


H/t Dave