It damn well took long enough, but the 2013 postseason had its first multiple-overtime game. And sure it was sloppy, even downright ugly at times, but there's nothing quite like the home-ice reaction to Colin Greening's 2OT goal to keep the Senators alive.

Greening was the right-place, right-time hero, backhanding home one of the few rebounds Tomas Vokoun allowed, and it's only fitting this one finally ended on a fluke. As Ottawa shifted the puck around the boards, Penguins defenseman Mark Eaton lost his stick, and in the few seconds it took for him to retrieve it, the Sens were able to put two men in front of net, to just Brooks Orpik for Pittsburgh. Eaton was just catching up to Greening when he pounced on the loose puck.

Greening had taken a high stick earlier in the game, and he had to have fiberglass extracted from his face before doing postgame interviews. For his troubles, and for releasing the sportswriters on deadline, Greening was named the game's first star, ahead of the lights-out Craig Anderson and the now-undisputed Penguins starter Vokoun.

It shouldn't have even gotten that far. It took Milan Michalek finding Daniel Alfredsson in stride, with 29 seconds left and Ottawa down a man, for this one to even get to overtime:

A neat stat that indicates nothing: in the 2013 postseason, there have been six game-tying goals in the final minute of regulation.