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News item: Barry Bonds' trainer, Greg Anderson, was sentenced today to three months in prison for one count of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and one felony count of money laundering.[San Francisco Chronicle]

Bonds addresses the allegations on his achingly personal Web site, a new entry dated today. Answers are taken straight from the journal.


Deadspin: Mr. Bonds, what are your thoughts on your longtime personal trainer Greg Anderson going to prison for distributing steroids?
Bonds: I also like to watch the post-season baseball games as well as some football.
Deadspin: OK. Do you feel that Anderson's sentence in any way casts some doubt on your steroid denials?
Bonds: My licensees will also be holding promotions that will coincide with the 2006 season. Right now, I'm working on four more Limited Edition TOPPS cards that you can only get from me.
Deadspin: Do you think anyone else could get away scotfree from their freaking personal trainer being busted for distributing steroids?
Bonds: I would also like to thank New Era, Majestic, Franklin, McFarlane, PhotoFile and Getty Images, as well as all my other licensees for producing hundreds of high quality Bonds products this year.
Deadspin: Freestyle a bit for us, and we'll be your best friend.
Bonds: With the new look [of my site] you will get to see my design side. I'm still thinking about which items from my personal archives that I will put in to the Club House Collection next season.

Barry's Journal []
Conte, Anderson Sentenced In BALCO Case [San Francisco Chronicle]

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