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Our NBA Players Are Still Growing

The lockout? Totally worth it. Because it seems the tallest people on earth spent that extra time getting even taller.

Paul George grew two inches in a "late growth spurt," and the Pacers are excited about designing some plays for him to attack the basket. But at 6'10", and 10 new pounds of muscle George might literally have outgrown his swingman role.


Christian Eyenga also grew two inches, and is now listed at 6'7". This can only help an undersized Cavs team: Byron Scott joked that if he grows another three, "we can play him at center."

• George turned 21 this summer, and Eyenga 22, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that they're still growing. But Amar'e Stoudemire is 29, a grown-ass man, and even he put on an extra inch in the offseason. He credits it to stretching out his back and improving his posture, but we noticed all three of these players are Nike guys. Look for the Nike Platform Shoe soon.

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