Against all our better judgment, we headed to the Pink Taco today for Media Day. We had heard from pretty much everyone we know who covers sports for a living that it's a full platter of ridiculousness and that it wasn't worth our time. Hearing that made us think we absolutely had to go. We should have listened.

That is to say: Media Day is a waste of time for everyone, and that doesn't just mean the players and the media. Even the dope gimmick folks, the lady who wanted to marry Brady, or "The Tonight Show"'s Kelly Pickler (an actual collaboration which tells you all you need to know about both Pickler and "The Tonight Show"), or the mock astrologists (as if there were any other kind), seemed generally bored with their schtick. Everyone felt like they were going through the motions; it's Media Day ... we have to do something CRAZY!

Everyone kept telling us beforehand that it was a "circus," but that's an insult that would cause P.T. Barnum to turn over in his grave. A circus at least attempts to entertain. Media Day is 40 different press conferences going on at once, with neither the subject nor the interviewer even pretending to stifle their yawns, while an occasional Spanish language reporter shimmies by in something slinky while reports make a mental note to hit the Blue Moon strip club tonight. The whole thing was empty, stale air ... and that was the best part. The schtick was the comedic equivalent of 30 separate Jay Leno monologues; it was like watching a public access reality show, punctuated by a vague, "Hey, isn't that Trent Dilfer?" smidgen of recognition.

We were so discouraged that we couldn't even make it through the whole thing. Sorry: Trust us, empty space is more entertaining that what we'd have for you here had we stayed.

Stadium looks great, though.