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Outrageous Soccer Fight Features Head Kick, Brawl, Chase Scene

This might be the wildest, most bizarre sports fight I have ever seen. Massive brawls between teams or alcohol-fueled fights in the stands I get, but this? Why did the goalkeeper trip the celebrating player, why did the second guy trip him, and WHY DID THE THIRD GUY COME OVER AND KICK HIM IN THE FUCKING HEAD?

We first saw this video posted on the Facebook page of a Rangers fan club yesterday, with multiple commenters noting that the voices you hear are speaking Greek. The first upload of a version of the video we can find is this one, from January 28, 2015. That video shows a little bit more of the buildup, with players from both teams arguing with the referee, as well some more shouting after everybody is done fighting.


We are pretty sure the game you are seeing is this one on January 20, 2013, between lower league Asteras Exarchion and Hercules Peristeri, in the Athens suburb of Peristeri. So why are we finally seeing the video two years later? The translation of this Sport 24 article indicates that for some reason the video wasn't ever supposed to be released, but somehow was. Here is a Google translated version of the first part of Asteras Exarchion's statement about the video's release:

'Goal, miscarriages, chase and wood. A catchy title, a copy paste content and the viewing audience delirious fonaskontas "But is it possible?". Two years completed by this black page in the history of Star Exarcheion, because this game took place in early 2013 in Peristeri. Although many people have changed since the team's Star, although the specific teammate us left the group the next day recognizing the tragic mistake, however, the burden of responsibility about this particular incident never sought to oust the fire outside.

Do you speak Greek, or perhaps are for some reason an aficionado of lower league Greek soccer? If so, please tell us more about these two teams, why everybody is mad at one specific player, and how this video was eventually released.

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