Ozzie Guillen Lives to Curse Another Day

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The White Sox picked a pretty good time to end their five game losing streak as they beat the Indians with a solid effort from starter Mark Buehrle. The win leaves the White Sox a half game behind the Twins who won themselves a ballgame in K.C. This gives the Sox a game tomorrow with the Detroit Tigers to get things all even. In my opinion, it provides Ozzie another chance to say some crazy shit. Before the Sox secured the game Monday with the Tigers, Guillen looked like a beaten man who didn't know how to handle the five game skid. He said if Chicago failed to make the playoffs he didn't want to go back to Chicago.

"If we lose this thing, I'm going to ask [Chairman] Jerry Reinsdorf to give me the private plane," Guillen said Saturday.

"I don't have the guts to look at the people's faces in O'Hare Airport or Midway after this season. "Then I won't have to see anyone in the airport and feel embarrassed or disappointed. I can get to Miami, where nobody really knows the White Sox. I will be embarrassed and I will be disappointed about seeing the people in the airport, seeing their faces, because we let them down."


Now wait just a minute. If your team fails miserably, you want the keys to the private jet so you can cavort with beach bunnies in Miami? Fuck that shit, Ozzie. If your team chokes you sit coach on AirTran like the rest of us. The Sox will host the Tigers on the South Side tomorrow at 2:05 p.m. EST. I fully expect Guillen's team to win tomorrow and further enhance his pain by lossing to the Twins on Tuesday. What Ozzie has to say after that should be amazing.