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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise's Reds reporter Mark Sheldon had the first version of his game story all written up and ready to file, but he wanted to wait until the third out of the top of the eighth. With two outs, Pablo Sandoval fouled a ball into the Cincinnati press box, smashing the shit out of Sheldon's computer.



Normally when fouls come our way into the press box, I close the laptop quick and either try to make a play or get out of the way. The ball was too hard to catch, so I rolled back in my chair to avoid it …

And forgot to close the laptop.

Yup, dead:

Illustration for article titled Pablo Sandoval Foul Ball Smashes Reporters Laptop

You remember how your computer would crash and you'd lose your essay or term paper, and hastily rewrite it from memory as best you could even though you were broken inside and didn't really care how it turned out the second time? Sheldon was able to rewrite and file his gamer from the laptop of his associate reporter. And you wouldn't even know it was a rush job, if not for every reporter (with the bearded C. Trent Rosecrans being the most enthusiastic) swarming the site of the destruction to take photos.

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