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Rehab was going pretty well for San Francisco's third baseman, Pablo Sandoval, until sometime mid-afternoon Friday: working out and rehabbing on his own, enjoying a break from the daily grind of Major League Baseball, getting a little "consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature" action.


The only bummer is, The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department is investigating whether that last part might have been a sexual assault. So Sandoval voluntarily answered some questions.

Deputy Sheriff April Skalland said Saturday that the investigation was ongoing.

"No charges have been filed. He was not arrested, he was not detained," Skalland said. "He was interviewed with his lawyer present and he cooperated."

Sandoval's attorney said that his client met with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department regarding what the lawyer called a "consensual" sexual relationship. Sandoval was a guest at Seascape Beach Resort in the popular Monterey Bay Peninsula area some 90 minutes from San Francisco.


Sandoval, who could return from surgery on his left hand as early as Friday, is "just concentrating on [his] game and getting back to the team right now."

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