Pac Man Jones Played By Bad Party Planners

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We reported earlier that the attached poster involved a party that Pac Man Jones was hosting. This was not, in fact, true. The club itself has even apologized, in an email to Pro Football Talk:

"This is KAY-P contacting you on behalf of Club Nite concerning an event that was suppose to feat. Pacman Jones. We are apologizing to him and his family for the misunderstanding. We were informed by a false represenatives who lied to us saying that they could book Pacman Jones. After getting in contact with the real represenatives we discovered that Pacman Jones was not aware his name was advertised for an event and we also found out that he was not even accepting offers to host events. Again we would like to apologize to Pacman Jones, his fan and family.")

It can't be easy being Pac Man Jones. Even when you don't do anything wrong, people try to make other people think you did.