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The picture above, in which Pace University football captain Tyler Owens is doing some regrettable things, was taken from Snapchat and sent to local media outlets by an anonymous group of Pace students.

The Pace Chronicle reports that it received a copy of the photo on Sunday, along with a note from the students who sent it. One of Owens’s former teammates, Addison Casey, came to his defense:

“[Owens has] done so much for me,” said Casey, who played on the defensive line with Owens from 2012 to 2014. “People are taking a joke out of context, it was just a couple of guys messing around, they saw the [clothing], and jokingly put it on.”

It is rumored that it is an ex-girlfriend who leaked the photo first, according to Casey.


But Owens’s ex-girlfriend also spoke to the Chronicle, and denied that she had anything to do with the picture getting out. The lesson, as always, is that college students do very dumb things.

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