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Pacers Fans, To Kelly Oubre Jr.: "John Wall Hates You"

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The Washington Wizards are so richly and floridly toxic that it’s impossible to keep track of which of them want to murder each other at any given time. But, in the aftermath of the trade that sent him to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for a fading 33-year-old who’ll be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, it seems safe to assume that 23-year-old swingman Kelly Oubre Jr. was not, ah, exactly the most treasured presence in the locker room.


Anyway, some wiseass Indiana Pacers fans sure felt safe assuming it last night!

That’s a “John Wall hates you!” chant echoing down from the stands during each of Oubre’s three trips to the free-throw line in last night’s Suns-Pacers game. By the sound of it, not more than a relatively small number of attendees got in on this remarkably mean-spirited chant, but they rang out pretty clearly in an otherwise quiet arena.


Does John Wall hate Kelly Oubre Jr.? More than he generally hates everyone, that is? Who can say? Oubre would probably still be a Wizard if Wall particularly liked him, unless John Wall truly loves him and wants him to be happy, in which case he’d have wanted him traded away from the Wizards.

In any event, Oubre went 1-for-6 from the stripe with those chants raining down at him. Maybe they disrupted his concentration or hurt his feelings, or maybe he’s just a wildly inconsistent young player who will sometimes do weird shit like miss five of six free-throw attempts. It comes to the same thing, pretty much. The Suns lost by 34.

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