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Any Green Bay Packers player who used Twitter to rip the NFL following Green Bay's controversial loss to Seattle on Monday (and there were many) will not be fined by the NFL, according to a report.


From CBS Chicago:

The Green Bay Press Gazette's Rob Demovsky tweeted Wednesday that NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said: "We are not looking into that."

Usually, the NFL will crack down on any unsavory actions by their employees. Hell, players get fined for wearing sleeves of the wrong color. But they haven't yet fined any players for talking shit about the shield on Twitter.

The NBA and MLB have more draconian Twitter policies (See: J.R. Smith, Chris Perez), but the NFL isn't as restrictive. Their social media rules only limit players from tweeting 90 minutes before and after a game, or any time during it. In this case, the league chose to not set a precedent for what can be said on Twitter, one of the few smart decisions it has made this season.


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