Pacman Jones Murders Pacman Jones' Dreadlocks

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It always seems like the hair is the first casualty in the cleansing of one's image. Pacman Jones, seen there to your right, has not only washed the stripper glitter off of his face, but he's shorn his traditional dreadlocks. His agent says he was going for a more clean-cut, less dangerous image ... sort of like Chris Henry. Or maybe he just didn't want to have long hair when he goes into the joint. That could excite certain inmates.

I say he looks about 4% more innocent, though. I'm totally buying it. The man in that picture doesn't look like he's capable of biting a bouncer's leg and threatening to kill someone. I mean, the mustache looks kind of guilty. And the look in his eye still says, "I'll give you money and put a bullet in that guy over there if you show me your labia."


But other than that, yeah, the new look is clean and fresh. I would not be surprised to hear that the haircut was given by Roger Goodell's personal barber.

Pacman surrenders for arrest on felony charges [ESPN]