Pacman Jones On Terrelle Pryor: "Pryor Suck"

Photo: David Richard/AP
Photo: David Richard/AP

For the second straight game, Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor was razzed by the opposing defense after his team lost. Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins tweeted “u really sucks” at Pryor after Cleveland’s Week 12 loss, and today, Bengals defensive back Pacman Jones teed off on the WR.


Earlier in the week, Jones had called Pryor “just a guy.” Pryor responded with an inoffensive tweet:

Pryor had one catch for three yards in the Browns’ 23-10 loss, which meant Jones was ready to talk after the game. Most of his sentiments could be summed up in two words (via ESPN’s Katherine Terrell): “Pryor suck.”

Jones was willing to elaborate, however, with the help of a prop. From Jim Owczarski of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“I have the utmost respect for (Browns head coach) Hue (Jackson), but certain (expletive) I don’t tolerate from young punks, really, basically. A (expletive) suburb kid that wants to act like he’s the toughest thing in the world, because he done caught a couple of balls.

“He’s just arrogant. You could see it with his teammates. Did you all not see him, when he was pushing and cussing at RGIII on the field? So I pay attention to everything. I told RGIII how the (expletive) you going to throw him the ball when he’s talking to you like that. You’re the (expletive) quarterback.

“It’s just little things.

“Ya’ll know who I am. I don’t really don’t get into personal battles because I’ve got respect for a lot of people, but certain situations it just demands me to speak.

“Truthfully I could give two (expletive) about Terrelle Pryor and his career and whatever he done.”


Jones, who had three tackles, then concluded on his go-round with the media by turning around, grabbing a trash bin and shouting into it.

“Hey! You in there? Hey! You in there?”

The Dayton Daily News’ Jay Morrison, who is frustratingly holding out on the uncensored Pacman rant, posted a short clip with the cleaner insults:

Update (8:52 p.m. ET): From FOX 19 in Cincinnati, here’s video of Jones looking through the trash for Pryor.


Pryor’s used “Talk is talk” as a comeback against Jenkins and Jones, and both times it has been disastrous for him. If he’s going to keep getting into half-hearted beefs with opponents, he should at least find a new retort.