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Padres' Ian Kinsler Appears To Celebrate Dinger By Yelling "Fuck All You" At The Home Crowd

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Ian Kinsler hit a three-run dinger in the sixth inning Thursday night to put his Padres up a run, 4–3, over the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s good, dingers are cool, who among us doesn’t get pumped and jacked by a mighty dinger? Do you want to get pumped and jacked? Feast your eyes on this sucker:


A cool bat-flip and everything! Hell yeah! Everything was bitchin’ about this, right up until Kinsler crossed home plate, whereupon he leaned back, took a big gulp of air, and shouted “fuck all you” in the direction of his own team’s fans. Which is also kind of bitchin’, but not in a way that will generally endear you to the people cheering on your dingers.


Before the game, Kinsler expressed his hope that Padres fans would give “good support” as the team returned home from a rough 1–4 road trip. Probably the best way to encourage that kind of robust support from the home crowd is not by cursing them out while they’re applauding your dinger! After the win—his go-ahead dinger held up as the eventual game-winner—Kinsler suggested that when he pointed into the stands and shouted “fuck you, fuck all you,” he was actually directing a motivational message at his teammates:

I know it definitely fires me up when someone yells “fuck you” at either me or the people who root for me. Kinsler has had a horrendous start to the season, batting .175 with a shitty .233 on-base percentage, and as a result has come in for his share of criticism. Seems like he should stick to releasing his pent-up rage on the dang baseball.

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