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Who is Erica Lucero? Well, she's a sophomore at the University of Southern California, she's an opinion columnist at the Daily Trojan and, apparently, the newest writer for Page 2. The site's 19-year-old "Gal on campus" is filing reports all season about what it's like to be at USC during the Matt Leinart era. (And she's also making every frustrated senior sports reporter at the Daily Trojan bash their heads against their desks.)

So how is she? Well, for a college student, she's not inherently awful, considering how difficult her assignment is; namely, sound like a giggly college girl without sounding too much like a giggly college girl. The real pissed-off folks are the UCLA bloggers:'s Page 2 reached out to a SUC female sophomore to be a special contributor to the site so she can write about how cute Matt Leinart is. Great use of bandwidth.

ESPN has offically become the standard bearer for MSM drivel.

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