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It is a sad, sad day here at Deadspin world headquarters; without even the courtesy of a press release or a proper burial, it appears has finally shut the doors on its ill-advised "Page 3" section.

We know, we know; we're going through tissues like crazy here too. But if you go to Page 3's front page, it automatically redirects you to Page 2. (You can even try this using any random old Page 3 story.)


We find this extremely sad, not because Page 3 is gone, but because we never got to say goodbye. Where will be without ... um ... well ... what is it they did again? Anybody who might know anything about this is encouraged to let us know at Because we can't accept that it's gone. Hell, we were just checking it ... er ... a few weeks ago! It's like we were just there!

Page 3/Page 2 []

(Update: Yep, it's definitely all gone. "We are consolidating our pop-culture oriented content on into Page 2," say the suits. You know, this is no way to keep up with those hip folks at CBS Sportsline's "Spin." Just saying.)

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