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Remember during the steroid trials, when Sammy Sosa inexplicably forgot how to speak english? Rafael Palmeiro, albeit a few months late, apparently is trying to same tactic.

In an interview with The New York Times this morning — his first since the season ended — he says he knows nothing about this whole steroid business.

"I wish I could pinpoint exactly what happened," he said. "I would think it was the B-12. I'm not certain of that; I can't prove it. ... I wish I could have turned in the vial for testing, but when I found out, it was long gone and I couldn't come up with it. If something happened that I'm not aware of, an intentional act by someone else, I don't know. I can't rule out anything."


Actually, that last line is even better than the Sosa excuse: It's the old "Family Circus" technique of "Not Me." Who broke that lamp? "Not Me," the little ghost says, sneaking off to inject another unsuspecting previously accused 'roider with stanozolol. Hey, look out, Tejada ... he's coming for you next. Don't fall asleep!

Palmeiro Cites His Own Navet And Ponders Mystery Of It All [New York Times]

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