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Papa John Is Allegedly A Huge Lightweight

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Now that a picture of a completely shithoused Papa John has made its way around the internet, we can only hope that others who have stories about getting faded with the Papa will find the courage to tell their tales. Here is one such story from a Fark commenter, who claims that P.J. is a whiskey-swilling lightweight.


I drank with Papa John once about 6 years ago. Him, his COO at the time, and Jerry Jones were at the Ritz Carlton bar in Dallas. They were doing that Papa Johns tour and were REALLY behind (like they were supposed to be leaving Texas the next day, but Dallas was the first stop). Papa is a lightweight. He drinks a certain type of whiskey (can't remember for the life of me), and gets sloshed after just two drinks. His COO said he can't drink worth a shiat and constantly made fun of him for it. They probably bought us like 6 rounds. He even got mad at the bartender for forgetting one of my buddy's beers.

The COO gave us each a card for a free pizza with his and papa's signature on it. I've still got it somewhere.

If you've ever gotten drunk with Papa John, please don't hesitate to tell us about it. We really want to know what his preferred brand of whiskey is.