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Papa, Let Your Babies Grow Up to Date Hockey Players [Canadian Ben Bernanke Update!]

Hunky Ottawa hockey player Mike Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood early this week, breaking Drew Magary's heart/hand. Think those brunettes look jealous now? Ha, wait til they learn how much the ring cost. UPDATE! Meet the "Canadian Ben Bernanke":


A commenter points out that the dude with the chicks is "the Canadian Ben Bernanke", while an emailer provides additional color:

FYI, the nacho-eating fella sitting in front of the country singer looks to be Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney. As Canada's the only major western economy that hasn't had a bank failure since all hell broke loose last fall, Carney's become arguably the first ever Canadian central banker to achieve standing on the international stage — and it's considerable standing at that. Policy smarts aside, he gets attention in Canada and abroad for his cockiness (or arrogance) and flash — unusually for a Canadian central banker, he's of an investment banking background. It made me laugh to see him sitting in whatever God-knows-how-exclusive section of Scotiabank Place with Carrie Underwood. Very appropriate.


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