Shouts of joy, cries of agony from the non-corporate end of the Matrix concerning Boston's World Series-clinching 4-3 win over Colorado ...

Feel It Again. And howzabout a little love for Terry Francona. I've happily lobbed hot coals at the guy's nuts for four seasons now, but I appreciate everything he's done to steer the ship and stick to the game plan. He's 8-0 in managing World Series games, has very likely seen DeMarlo Hale without pants and lived to tell about it, and will be leading your American League All-Stars in 2008 at Yankee Stadium. At this point, if news got out that he was secretly banging Jessica Biel would you be surprised? 'Cause I wouldn't. [Surviving Grady]

Anticipation Nation. I cannot tell a lie—my best friend K and I joined the mass exodus from Gillette Stadium in the fourth quarter this evening. With the score 52-0 for the home team, a crowd that had been crying "We got a baseball game to catch!" since the first half was dropping the Pats like a bad habit. [Cursed To First]

The End Of Something Special. The hurt is deep now, but it will in no way cheapen what this team accomplished. And the accomplishments, more than the final failure, is what will endure in our minds. It can never compare to winning the ultimate prize, but this season is ours to cherish nonetheless. Because of how long they lasted into the postseason, the Rockies will now have their shortest offseason ever. And yet, it feels like the longest winter of my life has now begun. [Up In The Rockies]

I Love That Dirty Watah, At Least For 154 Games. I smell like World Series MVP cigar (A.K.A. a Cuban) and cheap champagne, life can't be much better. The Boston Red Sox are the 2007 World Series Champions. They did it with great pitching, timely hitting, and as much as I hate to admit it, perfect managing. [Dirty Watah]

Goodnight Season. How odd it is to love a baseball team. How strange and tender I feel now... just tired, sad, and relieved, slightly hollowed out, in undeniable pain, in relief to have it end, despair of the offseason and hope for next year. Strangely enough, I love the Rockies more than ever, my devotion to them becomes fierce, my love completely untested and part of me forever. Defeat does not break me. The gloating might bother me (as I may have mentioned, the most annoying person on my campus is a Red Sox fan and I do not think that is by accident). [Sparks Of Dementia]


An Open Letter To All Sports Journalists. Dear sports media world, I have never dated Josh Beckett nor was he ever an "ex-flame". Please fact check. You are journalists, not bloggers. Thank you, Alyssa Milano. [Touch 'Em All]

Sweep!. FOX tried to ruin it for Mike, he wins the MVP, the Sox Sweep the World Series and all they can talk about is Arod not signing with the Yankees. Do we care? Not me. We've got Mike and hopefully we will sign him today. Jerry Remy was a little upset with the Fox Commentators too, he went on a bit of a rant about them after the game. Thanks Jerry, you just said all the things we wanted to! [Red Sox Hen]