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Paper Tigers: Memphis Didn't Win Those Things They Won

Your new NCAA record-holder for most wins in a season: the four teams that used to hold it before Memphis won 38 in 2007-08. That's because Memphis has to vacate all of them, plus their Final Four appearance.

It's sounding like a done deal that the NCAA will announce the ruling tomorrow, and they're not buying the results of Memphis' internal investigation, which — surprise, surprise — found no evidence of wrongdoing.


But apparently those not on the school's payroll were able to find some evidence that the real Derrick Rose had very little to do with Derrick Rose's SAT, and that his brother received $2,260 in free travel. These are both major no-nos.

The current team, under new coach Josh Pastner, won't be punished. But the damage is done - that record '08 season? Gone. And setting an ignominious record is John Calipari, the first man to vacate Final Four appearances at two different schools. So if Kentucky makes it to Indy next April, I wouldn't rush out and buy the t-shirt.

Source: Memphis Tigers to Forfeit Record 2007-'08 Basketball Season [Memphis Commercial Appeal]

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