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PapiGate, Straight From The Hub's Mouth

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In the wake of today's David Ortiz revelations, Deadspin takes an schadenfreudian informative look at the reaction from the comment boards of Boston's newspapers. Let's witness the five stages of grief in one afternoon, plus plenty of trolling.


The Sox must have better dealers than the yankees, two WS titles in last 8 years to zero for the yankees!! Lets go sox!! -Chris

Ok and we are believing the New York Times????? They can't even report politics right or what is going on in world right. Notice the Key name in the newspaper, New York. Just a case of Yankee fans trying to hit the Red Sox, I wont believe that David Ortiz used it until another news source finds it to be true like our own Boston Globe. -Rob M.


DUUUHHHHH!! -nellsbells

I guess Jeter's name is the next to come out. -Deezy21

Theo was begging the New York papers to report this today so he could justify not making a move before the deadline tomorrow this takes all the pressure off him to just sit back and watch the season fall apart and blame it on the steroid scandal great timing isn't it we can't win a game and the deadline is tomorrow damm i need to get the attention away from the awful job i am doing right now running this team lets release manny and papi's name now so i can just relax and collect my check like isiah did in new york with the knicks -Ray

No wonder A-Rod wanted to come here in that trade from Texas. -Jim

Are we sure it's steroids and not jelly donuts? -jconn

Time to allow steroid use among athletes. Come on which Papi would YOU rather watch? -crazylegs


THE PATRIOTS HAVE BEEN DISRESPECTED AGAIN. It's the first day of training camp and just when we ought to be whining about media coverage of the Pats, the Red Sox come in and steal their headlines again. WHEN WILL THIS INDIGNITY END? THE PATRIOTS HAVE BEEN DISRESPECTED AGAIN. -Shameus

This must be untrue. Everyone knows nobody from the Red Sox would do such a thing. Just ask anyone from WEEI or Red Sox "nation". This only happens on other teams. -DorchesterBill


how's that wrist injury doing? it's really affecting his hitting this year. -02113

BIG PAPI SAY IT ANT SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING STINKS!!!!!!!!!!! -superflygraham

I like David Ortiz. I will always like him. -american

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