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Paraguay Cellphone-Boobs Girl Says She's Received Creepy Death Threat. Or Something. (Update)

Illustration for article titled Paraguay Cellphone-Boobs Girl Says Shes Received Creepy Death Threat. Or Something. (Update)

Larissa Riquelme — aka Paraguay Girl, aka Cellphone-Boobs Girl — has taken to Facebook to alert everyone that she is being threatened! Possibly! The Google-translated message after the jump.


In a message posted on Facebook around 12:30 p.m. (and since removed), Riquelme says something along the lines of:

I want to communicate to all my fans that a number has received death threats ME AND KIDNAPPING I make it public so they know who he is above and because I have friends of all telephony number is 0971 | -388 to 221 SSAB and friends .. I want to do harm ...


I think I've got this. She received threats from the number she posted. Or knows someone who has received death threats from that number. Or that is her phone number, and she wants to receive threats. And I think she might have friends in high places in the Paraguayan telephone industry. No word yet on how this will affect her planned public peep-show performance. Attempts to call the number were unsuccessful, but feel free to give 'em a ring.

Fairly Good Translation Update! We prefer the pidgin translation, but here you go:

I want to tell all my fans that a number (sic) is threatening me with death and kidnapping. I am making it public so they know straight off that I already know who it is because I have friends at all the telephone companies. The NUMBER IS 0971-388-211. You know, friends, they want to hurt me.

Photo via Bob's Blitz

H/T Jovan J.
Alternate translation provided by Deadspin Latin America Correspondent Jonathan K.

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