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Pardon The Coitus Interruptus

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Maybe you've experienced the act of lovemaking. If so, please tell us what it's like; we're bloggers. But have you experienced lovemaking as narrated by Kornheiser and Wilbon?


Sorry for making your naughty bits shrivel up with repulsion just now. But let me draw your attention to a dating column on College Humor. One hapless reader writes in with his tale of woe:

A while back me and my GF were having sex. I put on my iPod for some mood music, but instead of putting on a playlist I just hit shuffle. Twenty minutes into our love making session, the music ended and a podcast I had downloaded of PTI (Pardon the Interruption) from ESPN came on. Neither of us wanted to stop to change it, so we finished to the soothing voices of Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon. I no longer listen to PTI.


Good god, man. That can't be healthy for you, as you'll never be able to do the deed again without thinking of Tony and Michael debating Tim Tebow's NFL potential. And I hoped you used protection; any kid conceived under those circumstances has no choice in life but to become Stat Boy.

Dating, It's Complicated [College Humor]

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