The above photo of PTI-er and blog despiser Michael Wilbon and Girl Next Door Kendra was taken last night at a post-Lakers after party by p*rn star and blogger, Christian, from HIS personal blog Christian Sings The Blues (NSFW), which he describes as "My Strange Life Within the Adult Film Business: Experiences, Thoughts, and Comments on My Daily Activities". Fun. Last night, he apparently had a great time celebrating the Lakers victory with some of his friends at Hollywood's club Les Deux.

And, hey...a few familiar chaps showed up to join in the revelry!

Here's how Christian described the scene

After about an hour or so, I noticed some familiar faces standing close to our table, but they were getting bumped and jostled in the throng of clubgoers. So of course since it was not my table, nor did I pay a single cent for the alcohol there, I invited them in to join us! lol. It was Jon Barry, an ex-NBA player turned analyst, Michael Wilbon, host of the popular show on ESPN "Pardon the Interruption" and J.A. Adande, and LA Times sports writer. (By the way, I am calling you out Bill Simmons....quit avoiding me, you are going to be in a pic with me in this blog by Dec's not a choice! so stop stalling)

Yes, Bill. Stop stalling. Don't these guys look like they're having fun?


That's J.A. Adande and his new, uh, buddy, Lisa Lipps.


And Wilbon looooves him some Carly Parker.

Living The Good Life In LA...Don't Be Jealous! [Christian Sings The Blues]