Parents: Mike Milbury Shook, Screamed At 12-Year-Old Player

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Last Friday evening, two Boston-area youth hockey teams got together for their own Winter Classic, to be held outside at the Anderson Rink in Brookline. It was going to be a good time: an exhibition game between the Boch Blazers and the Boston Junior Blackhawks, followed by a family skate and a pizza party. (Each parent was to chip in $5-$10 dollars for the pizza.) It reportedly ended with TV analyst Mike Milbury getting involved with an on-ice fight between his son and an opposing player, grabbing and shaking that 12-year-old and screaming in his face.

Milbury's son plays for the Blazers, and he serves as an assistant coach for the team. According to witnesses, the son repeatedly got into it with an opposing player throughout the game. The two chirped at each other the entire game, and at one point the elder Milbury yelled at the kid to get off the ice. Blackhawk coaches yelled from their side that Milbury should mind his own business.


One Blackhawk parent who did not want to be named says that while the victim is a "punk," Milbury's son is "a dirty player and a bigger punk, and not that good of a hockey player." According to this message board posting from the night of the incident, Milbury's son was playing "like it is MMA on ice" and used foul language the entire game, racking up multiple penalties.

After the game, the teams held a shootout just for fun. During this, according to witnesses, Milbury's son tried to pick a fight with the Blackhawk player. Coaches from both teams went on to the ice to break it up, and at this point, says a Blackhawks parent, Milbury grabbed the victim's facemask and screamed at him, asking "What did you say to my son?" Milbury allegedly lifted the kid off the ground and shook him, yelling obscenities all the while, before dropping him roughly to the ice.


Milbury was confronted by the Blackhawks' head coach, at which point he and his son left the ice. According to a grandparent of a player present, Milbury's son told one of the mothers to "fuck off."

Brookline police today charged Milbury with assault and battery on a child, threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct. We've left messages with Milbury and the parents of the victim, but have yet to hear back. We really want to know if the pizza party was still held as scheduled.