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Parlay 'O the Week

Amateur athletics and gambling go together like bacon and hot fudge. With that in mind, it's my privilege to introduce a new feature, the Parlay 'o the Week. Each weekend I'm around these parts I will share some of my gambling wisdom with you, the reader. Just remember, most of said "wisdom" comes from years of losing ridiculously speculative college football bets; when you lose all your money don't blame me (blame Will!). Check out the details after the jump.

Today's offering is a four team parlay (meaning all four teams have to cover their respective spread for me to win this entirely fictional bet...for entertainment purposes) featuring nothing but big favorites. Each year I begin the season by betting heavy on a few favorites going up against clearly inferior programs. The lines just never seem too high for me.


Odds: 12/1
Fictional Bet: 24 to win 288

West Virginia -24 vs. Western Michigan
Rich Rodriguez and company could easily win this one by five touchdowns.

Miami -18 vs. Marshall
I think I'd take Lakeland HS (FL) in a pick 'em over Marshall, the new look U should be able to cover a few scores.

Wisconsin -14 vs. Washington State
Weak Pac 10 team on the road against a top-flight Big 10 team that doesn't like to lose at home...easy money. That being said, I'll probably lose this whole fucking parlay by pushing this game.


UCLA -17 at Stanford
I think the drunken tree mascot is starting at left tackle.

Now I want to hear from you commenters, who do you like?

UPDATE: Damn, I didn't get the fictional bet posted in time! I'm subbing out Nebraska (-21) vs. Nevada Reno (they have a real football team and everything).

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