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Parsing The Deadspin HOF Voting

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So, we only had one entrant in the Deadspin Hall of Fame this year. Some have called for us to automatically induct some popular picks, like we did last year with YWML and Carl Monday, but that seems against the spirit of matters. (We don't think anyone would argue they wouldn't have made it, had it been up for a vote; we just wanted those two to have a special honor.) We are populists at heart, and we do believe the people have chosen.


Frankly, we kind of like that it's difficult to break into the Hall of Fame. (Honestly, there are a couple choices from last year we're not sure will last the test of time.) It is the Hall of Fame, after all; it should be special and difficult to enter. That said, we were pretty surprised Barbaro didn't sneak in; right there is the plaque we had set up for him. We think he'll probably stay on the ballot, every year, just for fun. (Obviously, with no copy.)

If you're still disappointed in the results ... there is always the SHOTY ... just a few months away.


And if you're wondering who we voted for, we went with Ned, Barbaro, "Lemme Know," 02/01/07 and the ESPN Memo. But the glory of it is that we, like everybody else, have but just one vote.

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