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Patrick Kane Reminds You Why You Should Never Take A Cab Ride In Buffalo

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The Blackhawks winger was charged with two counts of felony second-degree robbery and the always popular "criminal mischief" after punching a cab driver and stealing his money. Hey, when you grow up in Buffalo 20 cents is worth the effort.

Kane—who is only 20 years old—was not charged with any alcohol-related offenses, because I guess fighting with cab drivers at 5:00 a.m. could, in theory, be done while sober. (But I wouldn't recommend it.) Kane and his cousin took a cab home on Sunday after a night out in downtown Buffalo and were charged a $13.80 fare. They handed the cab driver $15, but when he informed them that he did not have the two dimes necessary to provide them with the proper change, Kane began beating the driver savagely about the head and neck. Best of all, he brought out the old standby of entitled pricks: "You don't know who you're [messing] with! You don't know who you're [messing] with, [expletive]!" The classics never die.

He also took the money back.

My question is this: 15 - 13.80 = 1.20. So what happened to the other dollar? Was that the tip? Did the driver try to pocket it? Was it used in a bribe attempt once the police arrived? What is the BMSM (Buffalo Main Stream Media) hiding?


Kane's judgment is obviously in question here, but not because he tried to pummel a 62-year-old cab driver over twenty cents. I think the fact that Kane's assertion that having "a long time to hang out back home in Buffalo [is a great feeling]" clearly shows an unstable mind at work.

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