Paul Rhoads Goes On Rant For The Ages After Officials Screw ISU

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Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads, already on the hot seat after losing the Cyclones' opening game to Northern Iowa of the FCS, had a right to be upset with officials after tonight's game against Texas, a 31-30 Longhorns win.

ISU dominated most of the game, and forced two fumbles during a goal line stand with a minute remaining that not only should have ended the Texas threat, but should have put another touchdown on the board for the Cyclones. Officials didn't see it that way, and found a replay of the first fumble inconclusive. (The second fumble wasn't reviewed.) Texas scored on the third play, and Iowa State didn't execute to reach field goal position. In his postgame presser, Rhoads spouted off what should, if there's any justice in the world, join rants like Mike Gundy's "I'm 40!" in the college football coaching pantheon: