Paul The Psychic Octopus Caught Up In Transfer Battle

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With the World Cup over, the fate of Paul the Octopus has been on everyone's mind. The Spoiler's Richard Gilzene has the latest.

It's a general rule amongst sensible managers never to buy a player based on World Cup performance alone. However, Paul the Psychic Octopus‘ 100% prediction rate at this year's tournament has proven too tempting for the animal-lovers (and avid gamblers, probably) over at Spain's Zoo Aquarium, who have reportedly made a transfer bid described as ‘too good to refuse'.


According to reports in the Telegraph, the Madrid zoo is hoping to make Paul its star attraction after the eight-legged sage destined Spain for World Cup glory last week. They're taking it all very seriously as well, claiming to ‘improve on any offer' after already bidding an unspecified amount of cash and even trying to negotiate a part-exchange swap deal to make sure they got their man mollusc:

"The zoo also guarantees that Paul will receive the best attention, reflecting the great affection in which he is held by all the Spanish people since he predicted that the Spanish team would win the football World Cup," said Zoo spokeswoman Amparo Fernandez.

"We hope that within the next few days we will be able to confirm news that the admirable Paul will be part of the club of the most loved and charismatic animals of the Madrid Zoo."


However, the owners of Paul's current home in Oberhausen are adamant he's not for sale. Says Tanja Munzig, spokeswoman for the Sea Life aquarium:

"We are not in contact with Madrid Zoo. And we know nothing about swapping Paul for another animal or him going to Madrid Zoo for a transfer sum."

Ooh, it's just like watching the Cesc to Barcelona saga. Expect grainy video footage of a Spain scarf being draped over Paul's tank to surface within the next few days.

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